Warranty Terms

All products on website are offered to sale as certified, under Sina Pırlanta maintenance warranty. Sina Pırlanta is always with you to provide the support required in order for you to use the products you have purchased for many years.

Third parties and institutions other than Sina Pırlanta should not interfere with the products in any way, and should not carry out operations such as height, size adjustment or repair. In interventions made by third parties other than Sina Pırlanta, your products is out of warranty. Our products are out of warranty in cases related to users such as stone falling, stone loss or damage to the stone. The responsibility of the stones lost, damaged or fallen lies with the owner, and our Company (Sina Pırlanta) deems the product out of warranty. If requested, the cost to be incurred in case of adding a new stone or repairing it is covered by the customer. Apart from this, the cleaning, maintenance and similar operations of the product are covered by our company free of charge for 2 years. For detailed information, you can call +90 212 527 50 80.